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Custom Wheels and Tires for Lifted Trucks

Custom Wheels and Tires for Lifted Trucks at Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories in Las Cruces, NM

Your truck houses many vital parts, and your tires may be arguably the most important. After all, your tires serve as the foundation of your truck. If you want to beef up your truck a bit and make sure it’s rolling along smoothly, you need custom wheels and tires for your lifted truck.

Lifted trucks can be challenging to deal with because they often require much larger wheels and tires. If you’re looking for the best custom wheels and tires for lifted trucks in Las Cruces, NM, Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories has precisely what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a mean-looking set of wheels or something a little more understated, we can help you find what you need at an affordable price.

Changing your vehicle’s wheels and tires can make a big difference in performance. This is especially true in lifted trucks! When you lift your truck, you will generally need to replace the old wheels with new wheels better suited to your truck’s new altitude. And, of course, those wheels need tires! When you want to lift your truck or SUV, Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories is the place to go for new wheels and tires near Mesilla and El Paso. Find out more on this page, and then come visit us!

Tires and Custom Wheels for Lifted Trucks

If you’re the type of person who took the time to put a lift on your truck, chances are you enjoy the more beautiful things when it comes to automobiles. We have the perfect lift kits to get your truck where you want it. Adding a nice set of custom wheels and tires to your lifted truck can take it over the top and give it that mean look you’re going for. You have to make sure you’re getting quality wheels and tires when you’re spending that type of money.

Here at Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories, we carry a great selection of new wheel rims. This includes custom wheels designed to go with several different lift kits. These rims are bigger and stronger to handle off-roading while still being light enough to provide responsive handling. Changing wheels is an important part of lifting your truck; not only will stock wheels detract from the overall look, but they may also be unable to handle your truck’s new geometry and can put you at risk.

Lifted Truck Wheels & Tires

Lifted Truck Tires for Sale

Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories offers the area’s largest selection of tires for lifted trucks and the experts to help you choose the right tires and rims for your truck. We stock a massive selection of rims and tires for truck owners living in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and San Ysidro, El Paso, and the surrounding communities Mesilla. All of our Service Advisors are experienced in selecting the right rim and tire package for your truck or Jeep. 


Choosing the Right Tires for Your Lifted Truck

It’s easy to forget how important tires are when thinking about lifting a truck or deciding to get new wheels and tires for your truck or Jeep. Below are things to consider when deciding what kind of tires are best for your truck:

  • Climate
  • Where you will primarily be driving your truck
  • What type of driving will you be doing?


Truck Wheels, Truck Rims, Wheel & Tire Combos

When it comes to lifting your truck or Jeep you must first decide the combination of wheels, rims, and tires you want. Tires come in different sizes and with different purposes. If you are lifting your Jeep to enhance its off-road abilities than off-road tires are probably best for you! If you are simply lifting your truck for looks, off-road tires may not be necessary and it may be a better option to go with an all-season set. As well as the type of tires, you have to decide the size. This will directly impact how high your lift will be. 

Next up is rims and wheels. These go hand-in-hand as the rim is the outer part of the wheel. We will take a closer look at choosing rims in the next paragraph, for now, let’s focus on wheels. Part of this decision is simply by looks and deciding what you want the wheels on your truck or Jeep to look like. More importantly, you have to consider the size. The tires and wheels must fit together perfectly to guarantee safety and performance. Our certified technicians are here to help you make the right decision for your lifted vehicle!


Choosing the Right Rims for Your Lifted Truck

There are a few things to consider when picking out the rims and wheels for your lifted truck. It’s important to know the number of lugs and the stud pattern on your tires to make sure they will fit together properly. These can vary between manufacturers which makes it even more important to choose an expert service center for help as they will know exactly what your manufacturer requires. It is also smart to pay attention to weight and size. These can impact the way your vehicle handles which is an effect that many forget to consider. When considering size, it is common practice to follow the two-plus-one rule. This means that if you increase the diameter by two inches, you should only go one inch wider. Choosing rims can be fun, especially when considering the style you want. It is important to always keep the safety aspects of your vehicle in mind as well when making rim decisions!

Lifted Truck Tire & Wheel Installation Service

Here at Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories, we offer professional lifted truck tire and wheel installation service. We are experts in the field of lifted trucks and are here to assist you in any way that we can. If you want help choosing the right tire, wheel, and rim combo for your vehicle, give us a call and we can guide you in the right direction! We can also complete your truck lift service right here in our service department. We have all of the tools and the expertise to complete it to the exact specifications your vehicle requires and you desire. Schedule your service today or swing by the shop and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. We can’t wait to help you with your lifted truck! 

Good Better Best


Accelera M/T-01
Nexen Roadiam MTX
Michelin Defender

Tire Size

35X 12.50 R20
35X 12.50 R20
35X 12.50 R20
Starting Price:
1 Tire
Starting Price:
4 Tires
Road Hazard Protection (Y/N)
1st 20% of Tred Life (from Nexen)

Package Price

$1,396.00 +tax
$1,876.00 +tax
$2,316.00 +tax

Package price includes mounted, balanced, and valve stems. PLUS lifetime flat repairs, rotation, and re-balance.

Schedule Service at Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories, Serving San Ysidro and El Paso

When you’re ready for our technicians to install your new wheels and tires on your lifted truck, give us a call or use our convenient online service scheduling form. In general, it’s a good idea to have everything related to lifting your truck performed at the same time, so we can also help with whatever else your truck may need. We look forward to seeing you soon here at Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories, your local source for all your truck and SUV needs in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Choosing Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories means you also get many excellent services at no extra cost. From tire rotations and pressure checks to tire balancing, we offer numerous services free of charge to ensure your truck is always safe to drive.

Schedule an Appointment at Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories

Here at Sisbarro Onsale Tires & Accessories, we’re happy to help you with automotive service, and our special offers make it even easier. Give us a call, schedule service online, or use our express service department!

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